Help for authors

On this page you can find help for creating stacks and other author-related features. Don’t have Learning Toolbox yet? Check out Where can I get Learning Toolbox.

If you need help because you don’t have an author account yet in Learning Toolbox but want to try it out, go to the section Before you start below.

If you are an ePoster author in a conference, please check your email for a link to the event-specific help page or email the ePoster support team for help.

Before you start


Frequently asked questions

My Learning Toolbox account
Managing users and circles

This feature is only available to domain authors if an administrator has enabled it.

Adding content and resources to a stack
Changing the layout and appearance of a tile
Adding more screens to a stack
Viewing, searching, sharing, favouriting, and moving a stack
Communicating with stack chat and broadcast messages
Creating and using templates