What is a stack template and how do I use them?

Note: Currently, only domain administrators can create stack templates. For now, if you are an author and want to create a template, simply create a stack that has everything in it that the template should have and then ask one of your domain administrators to transform this stack into a template. If you are a domain administrator, see our help pages on how to create a template.

What is a stack template?

A template is a prefilled stack that authors can use as a starting point when they create a stack. They come in very handy for instance if authors ought to use a standard way of creating stacks or to provide a starting point for stacks that share some common materials.

How do you create a stack based on a template?

If your domain has one or several templates, then right after you click Create Stack, you will be given the option to choose a template as the starting point of your stack (see an example of a template page below). You will always have the option to create an Empty Stack, which basically means not using any of the available templates. Even though you use a template, the Learning Toolbox doesn’t prevent you from making changes to stacks based on templates. If there are no templates defined in your domain, you won’t see a template page after clicking on Create Stack and it takes you straight to the Stack Editor.