Where can I get Learning Toolbox?

If you have received an invitation link or QR code to a domain, please see I have been invited to a domain as a regular user or as an author.

How can I see Learning Toolbox in action?

You can book a meeting with us. We will be happy to give you a demonstration of how Learning Toolbox works and answer any questions you have. We use Zoom for our online meetings. You can use this link to book a meeting in our calendar. You can also email us at info@kubify.co to ask for a meeting.

How can I buy a domain?

We have a number of flexible plans for a wide range of uses and requirements. Please contact us at info@kubify.co and tell us a little about who you plan to use Learning Toolbox. Any additional information would also be helpful, such as how many stacks you need approximately, whether stacks are public or protected in your domain, and how many users you will have.

Where can I get the Learning Toolbox app?

You can explore and interact with stacks on our Learning Toolbox app (Android and iOS) or in a normal web browser on your computer or mobile device.

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