Stack Editor: Stack privacy

There are currently three levels of privacy: anonymous, authenticated, and private. The stack owner can select the level of privacy for the stack in the stack view mode.

Here  is a brief explanation of what each of the levels means in terms of access and visibility:

  • Anonymous access means that users do not have to sign in to open the stack in the LTB App. Some features that require users to be authenticated won’t work in an anonymous stack. Therefore make sure you test any stack where you switch access from any of the two other options thoroughly.
  • Authenticated access means that the stack can only be opened by users who are signed in into the LTB App (or the Stack Store and Stack Editor for that matter).
  • Private access means that the stack can only be opened by the owner. This is quite useful when you are in the process of building the stack and don’t want other users to open the unfinished stack on the LTB App.