Event Admin Support Page

This page gives you access to the guides that show you how to create and manage an ePoster event in Learning Toolbox.

Getting Started Guide – Setting up your domain and showcase

  • Getting started – setting up your domain:
    • Signing in to Learning Toolbox
    • Accessing the Admin interface
    • Review your domain subscription
    • Edit your domain settings
    • Branding – changing the colours to match your branding [NEW!]
    • Add other team members to your domain
    • Set-up your domain showcase

Guide 1 – Setting up an event and sending invites to authors

Guide 2 – Monitoring and supporting your authors

Guide 3 – Publishing ePosters and printing summary posters

Guide 4 – Onsite preparations, set-up and promotion

Guide 5 – Preparing to set up your next event

Guide 6 – Using the Analytics Reporting Tool

Extra Support Materials

Extra Materials for Stage 2 – Example mailing list emails

Extra Materials for Stage 4 – Example materials to support ePoster engagement includes instructions and images for tweets

Recent Updates

We’re continually reviewing and improving Learning Toolbox based on customer and user feedback, as well as our own vision for the platform. We have a mailing list for Event Administrators using Learning Toolbox which we use to send out emails regarding the updates we make to Learning Toolbox. You should already be on this list and be receiving emails, but if you are not getting the emails then please contact us to ask to be added to the list.

You can find links to the recent emails we have sent below:

Learning Toolbox Improvements – Branding – customise the colours to match your brand’s colour scheme

Learning Toolbox Improvements – Time-saving updates – help to highlight your brand and speed up processes

Learning Toolbox Improvements – Analytics reporting tool – get an overview of the engagement with your ePosters

Learning Toolbox Improvements – Showcase options, sessions and more – improved showcase options and support

Learning Toolbox Improvements – Sign-up process and more – improved user experience and support

Learning Toolbox Improvements – Email notifications – never miss a chat message

Learning Toolbox Improvements – New showcase editions functionality – customise & distinguish your editions

Learning Toolbox – New Features – improved searching, tagging and categorisation