Event Admin Support Page

This page gives you access to the guides that show you how to create and manage an ePoster event in Learning Toolbox.

Event Admin Guides

READ ME – Admin Overview

  • Getting started – setting up your domain (updated 03/09/2020):
    • Signing in to Learning Toolbox
    • Accessing the Admin interface
    • Review your domain subscription
    • Edit your domain settings
    • Set-up your domain showcase
    • Add other team members to your domain
  1. Setting up an event and sending invites to authors (updated 23/10/2020):
    • Creating your event
    • Creating the invite email to send to accepted authors
    • Adding the accepted authors
    • Sending the invite email to the accepted authors
  2. Monitoring and supporting your authors (updated 19/03/2021):
    • Support available to authors within Learning Toolbox
    • Monitoring your authors’ progress
    • Answering your authors’ support questions
    • Answers to specific author questions requiring admin action
  3. Publishing ePosters and printing mini-posters (updated 28/06/2020):
    • Checking your authors’ mini-posters (if using at onsite event)
    • Printing your authors’ mini-posters (if using at onsite event)
    • Publishing ePosters to the showcase website
  4. Onsite requirements and ePoster promotional materials covers:
    • Onsite requirements (if needed) – mini-poster wall, presentation space, internet
    • Raising awareness on Twitter
  5. Preparing to set up your next event covers:
    • Finishing your previous event
    • Creating a new showcase edition

Extra Support Materials

Extra Materials for Stage 2 – Example mailing list emails

Extra Materials for Stage 4 – Example materials to support ePoster engagement includes instructions and images for tweets