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Creating an ePoster/Stack

Some of the NASS authors (Podium Presenters, Best Paper Presenters and Innovative Tech Presenters) have been asked to also add a audio or video narrated presentation to their Stack in Learning Toolbox, as well as adding the Powerpoint presentation itself. Other authors can of course also choose to do the same.

If you are one of these authors then we recommend following the instructions from Microsoft (see links below) to add a narration to your powerpoint presentation and then save that as a video file to add to your Learning Toolbox stack. These instructions cover multiple different versions of Powerpoint.

Please note that Learning Toolbox does not support .PPSX files, so when you save your presentation as a video you should save it as an MP4 file, not as  a PPSX file.

Please also note that you should choose to save your video in 720p (or internet) resolution (not the 1040p default that Powerpoint offers) as this is the most suitable format for videos playing on the web.

Following these instructions will reduce the chance of hitting any upload issues due to the file size.

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NASS is again using Learning Toolbox for the ePosters (including RapidFire ePoster Presentations) at the conference. You will add your presentation to your ePoster stack in Learning Toolbox so you will no longer need to upload your presentation to the NASS system.

Learning Toolbox allows you to create a Stack of material that can be used to present and share your work online and onsite.

Your Learning Toolbox ePoster stack should contain your presentation but can also include additional materials such as videos, weblinks, papers and much more.

How will delegates engage with the ePosters onsite?

Onsite delegates will be able to browse, search, view and interact with your ePoster stacks on their own devices.

Learning Toolbox will make a summary poster for each ePoster (you choose the summary text and key image). By scanning the QR code on the summary poster delegates will be able to view and interact with the contents of your ePoster stack on their own phone.

summary poster – can be used as an advert for and gateway into your ePoster

NASS will print and display these summary posters onsite, providing onsite delegates with an easy way to access and explore your work.

An example of a mini-poster wall onsite

All the ePosters will also be published to the NASS Showcase online where delegates can explore, view and interact with them online throughout the conference and afterwards.

NASS ePoster Showcase

From the showcase or from the summary poster, delegates can open your ePoster stack and explore all the content you have added. They can also post questions or comments to your stack, to which you can respond. This text chat discussion will be attached to your stack and can continue after the event. You can choose to get email notifications of new chat messages on specific stacks. Delegates can also favourite your ePoster stack so that they can return to it more easily.

Ways delegates can interact with your ePoster stack

RapidFire ePoster Presentations

Some NASS ePosters will also be presented as RapidFire presentations. NASS will have told you if your ePoster was accepted for a RapidFire presentation.

In the presentation room, you will present from a networked computer which will show the ePoster showcase You will be able to open your ePoster stack and show your presentation. When you are making your ePoster, you will already be able to check how your ePoster stack will appear and work onscreen by clicking on its preview button.

What support will be available?

You will have plenty of support to use Learning Toolbox. There will be a webinar for authors on 10th May and an email helpdesk ( will be available to answer your ePoster questions in the run-up to the conference. If you are wondering how to get started then we recommend that you watch the 3 minute introduction to the Learning Toolbox editor. This shows the key steps involved in making your ePoster stack.

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The following dates are important:

  • 26th April – Invitation emails sent to ePoster authors from Learning Toolbox (
  • 10th May at 11am CT – Webinar for authors. Zoom meeting link.
  • 29th July DEADLINE – Finalise your ePoster stack and mark as ready to print and publish

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The only NASS requirement for ePoster authors is that you include a PowerPoint presentation in your ePoster stack.

Required Content

  • Authors must create and upload a PowerPoint presentation into their ePoster stack in Learning Toolbox
  • NASS will no longer create your title and disclosure slides. Disclosures will be readily available elsewhere. Please feel free to include your own title slide, which does not count towards your minimum slide limit.
  • Vendor name, product names or logos should NOT appear anywhere in your Stack

Encouraged Content

If you want more eyes on your ePoster, you need to make it stand out! Luckily, your Learning Toolbox Stack is highly customizable and interactive. Take advantage of this by linking/uploading videos, weblinks, additional documents, link between your other ePosters, and much more! The guides on the Support Page (demo video, written guide, webinar recording) explain how to do this.

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The live webinar was held on 10th May 2024. You can watch the recording of the webinar below. To see it in full-screen just click on the full screen icon at the end of the play bar.

Presentation used in the webinar

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Here you will find links to the key emails we have sent to the NASS 2023 ePoster support mailing list.

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Please find below some advice on presenting your RapidFire presentation at the NASS conference. The NASS team emailed this advice to RapidFire presenters on the 13th October 2023.

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We will be holding a webinar for authors on the 10th May 2024 at 11am CT. During this webinar we will give a demo of an ePoster stack being made using Learning Toolbox and answer any questions you have about the ePosters at NASS. 

Here is the link to join the webinar:

The webinar will be recorded and the recording added to this Support Page. However, if possible, it is best to attend the webinar live, so that you can ask questions as well.

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