How to move between different screens in your stack

If you have created different screens in your stack then this FAQ explains how you can move between them when you are editing your stack.

There is a bar (1) in the editor that shows the name of the screen that is currently showing in the mobile view or your stack.

If you want to move to a different screen then click on the drop-down menu icon (2) in that bar.

Screenshot showing the screen name bar above the stack settings in the editor.

The drop-down menu will show you the names of the different screens in your stack (3). Choose the name of the screen you want to move to.

Screenshot showing the drop-down menu that lets you move to a different screen.

When you choose a different screen then that screen’s name will show in the bar (4) and you will see that screen in the mobile view of your stack (5). You can now use the Tile Library as normal to add more tiles to this screen or you can edit any tiles that you had already put on the screen.

Screenshot showing the view after having moved to a different screen.

Please remember that viewers of your stack will only see the Home screen. If you want them to have access to another screen then you must add a Stack Screen tile to your Home Screen and link that to the other screen. This FAQ explains how to use the Stack Screen Tile and this FAQ explains how you can move Tiles from one screen to another screen.

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