AMEE ePosters Help Desk

The showcase gives you access to all the AMEE ePosters. You can browse, search, open and explore all of the ePosters from the showcase. This help desk page contains some advice to help delegates get the most out of the showcase and the AMEE authors’ wonderful ePosters. You can choose to watch the short video or read the help sections below.

If your country does not allow access to the Vimeo video streaming service then you can access this video here instead.

If you cannot find the answer to your question below then you can either email our help desk ( or come to visit our onsite ePoster Help Desk at the AMEE conference in Glasgow.

To open and explore the stacks/ePosters from the Showcase:

Click on the title (1) to open it

Open an ePoster from the Showcase
  • Click on any Tile (2) to explore its content
  • Click on the X button (3) to close the viewer and return to the Showcase
Explore and then close an ePoster

If the author has provided the full list of authors in their ePoster details then you can also view the full list of authors whilst browsing the ePosters on the showcase. Just move your mouse over the author’s name and the full list of authors will show up.

Category: Showcase Support

On the showcase you can search by typing your search text in the search box (1) and pressing enter. The search looks for matches in the ePoster title, authors, poster number (if included by the conference) and description. If you want to search for a specific phrase then enclose it in quote marks (e.g. “simulation in teaching” or “Joan Davis”).

You can also choose to search by Tags. Click on the Tags button (2a) and then start typing the tag name you want to search for in the Tag box (2b) that appears. The system will suggest matching tags from those that are being used by authors in this showcase. You can also search by Tags by simply clicking on a Tag in an ePoster’s summary box.

If your event has grouped the ePosters into sessions or categories then you can choose to show or hide (3) the session and category buttons. If the session and category buttons are showing (4) then you can click on a session or category button to filter the view and only show the ePosters in that session or category.

You can also browse by simply scrolling down the showcase screen. More stacks/ePosters will appear as you scroll down the page. 

And if your event has been using Learning Toolbox for several years, then you can also use the drop down menu (5) to switch to view stacks/ePosters from another year.

Category: Showcase Support

Each ePoster stack has its own chat area (unless the author has turned this off).

Click on the chat icon and you will be prompted to sign-in. You can create a free local Learning Toolbox account or sign-in via one of the social media routes offered.

ePoster’s chat icon

You will then be able to view any chat messages that have been posted to the stack/ePoster and send your own message. You can also choose to turn on email notifications if you want to receive emails when new chat messages are posted to this ePoster. The email notifications will be sent to the email address that you used when signing in to Learning Toolbox.

Category: Showcase Support

You can favourite any stack/ePoster by clicking on the star-shaped favourite button.

The Favourite button

You can filter the view to see all the ePosters that you have favourited in a showcase by clicking on the My Favourites button on the Showcase. If you are not signed in then your favourites will just include the showcase stacks/ePosters you have favourited on the device you are using. If you have signed-in then your favourites will include all the showcase stacks/ePosters that you have favourited (when signed-in with this account) on any device. To turn off this filter just click on the My Favourites button again.

My Favourites button on the Showcase

You can also see your list of your favourited ePosters when you are viewing an ePoster. Just click on the More Menu (1) and choose My Favourites (2).

Category: Showcase Support

You can get notifications of new chat activity either by email or by using the Learning Toolbox App.

Getting email notifications of new chat activity

When you open the chat on any ePoster you will see a switch at the top that allows you to turn on email notifications. If you turn this on then you will be sent email notifications of any new chat activity on this ePoster. The emails will be sent to the email address you used when signing into Learning Toolbox.

Getting push notifications of new chat activity using the Learning Toolbox App

If you want to get push notifications of new chat activity using the App then you need to:

  • Sign-in to Learning Toolbox (you will be prompted to sign in if you click on an ePoster’s chat icon)
  • Favourite the stack/ePoster you want to follow (if you are the editing author you do not need to do this step)
  • Install the Learning Toolbox App on your phone or tablet and make sure you agree to accept notifications
  • Open the Learning Toolbox App on your phone or tablet and sign-in to the App
  • You can also browse, search, interact with, chat and favourite stacks/ePosters in the App on your phone
  • Now, even if you close the App on your phone, then whenever there is any new chat activity on any of your favourited stacks/ePosters then you will receive a notification on your phone.
Category: Showcase Support

To share a stack/ePoster, first open it and then click on the More Menu (1) and choose Share (2).

Screenshot showing location of the 3 dots More Menu and the Share menu item.

This will show you the stack/ePoster’s summary and sharing information including its QR code and weblink. If you show the QR code to someone they can scan it and open the stack/ePoster on their phone. If you copy the link then you can send it to someone who can click on it and open the stack/ePoster. You can also choose to share the ePoster to Twitter or LinkedIn.

Screenshot showing the sharing and summary information about an ePoster
Sharing information and ePoster summary
Category: Showcase Support

For most conferences you do not have to sign-in to Learning Toolbox in order to view the stacks/ePosters. However, there are still advantages to signing in:

  • If you are signed in then you can view and add to the chat thread on any stack/ePoster
  • If you are signed in then we will remember which stacks/ePosters you have favourited (when signed in) and you will be able to return to them easily even when you sign-in on a different device
  • If you sign-in then you can receive notifications (using the Learning Toolbox App) of new chat activity on your favourited stacks/ePosters

To sign-in from the showcase simply click on the Sign-in button (1) under the showcase banner. This will then offer you the option to sign in using various social media accounts or to set-up your own local Learning Toolbox account. If you have already signed-in before and favourited stacks/ePosters then please remember to sign-in again using the same route so that you will have access to your favourites.

to the showcase

Particularly if you are working on a shared computer then make sure that you sign-out before you leave the showcase. The sign-out option appears in the same place under the showcase banner.

Category: Showcase Support

Accessing all the ePoster platform functionality on a mobile device

A few of the ePoster platform functionalities (such as signing into the ePoster platform via Google or returning easily from viewing weblinks) are not available when you access it from within the conference app on your mobile device. If you want to access all the ePoster functionalities on your mobile then just open the ePoster showcase in a separate browser tab. The annotated screenshot below shows how you can do that.