Presenting your ICNMD 2022 ePoster

  • Poster presentation sessions will be held during the lunchtime sessions during each day of the full ICNMD congress. The presentation sessions will be held at the ePoster screens in the Exhibition area.
  • ICNMD will let presenters know which day they are presenting on and at which screen.
  • The screens are standard large screens with a networked computer attached.
  • The screens will be showing the ePoster showcase. You will be able to open your ePoster stack and show any of its content.
  • Each presenter will have 4 minutes to present.
  • The presentations will follow on directly from each other. There will be time for an informal Q&A session after all the presentations have been made.
  • Delegates can explore the full contents of your ePoster at any time during the conference, so your presentation can focus on just giving them the key message.

We strongly recommend that you practice your ePoster presentation. Here is some general guidance on how you can practise your ePoster presentation on your own computer.

We will have an onsite ePoster Helpdesk at ICNMD in the Exhibition area. If you have any questions about presenting your ePoster please come and see us before your presentation session.

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