Using the Twitter Feed Tile

Status of the  ‘Twitter Feed’ tile

5 July 2023

We’re sorry to announce that due to a recent change in Twitter’s policy, we have had to make the ‘Twitter Feed’ tile unavailable.

Since 30 June 2023 Twitter has put in place access restrictions to their platform to no longer allow access for anyone not logged into their platform. This was an unannounced change by Twitter that means that the ‘Twitter Feed’ tile no longer works as expected. Unfortunately this is out of our control.

Read more in this CNN article.

We’re keeping an eye on any developments around this, but in the meantime the ‘Twitter Feed’ tile is unavailable.

If you have already added a ‘Twitter feed’ tile to your stack then when viewers click on it they will get a message explaining why it is not currently working and giving them directions for how to get to your Twitter account or hashtag.

The Learning Toolbox Team

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