How the ePoster presentation sessions will work in the conference

The information below was emailed to all authors by the Future Physiology conference team.

Future Physiology 2021 Virtual Event Portal

We have been working with a company called EventsAIR to create the virtual event portal for Future Physiology 2021. On the virtual event portal, attendees can see the full conference programme, interact with the different sessions, and connect with one another.

You will receive an email on Tuesday 13 April with further information about the conference which will include instructions to access the portal and how to use it.

ePoster Sessions

The ePoster sessions will take place on the Future Physiology 2021 Virtual Event Portal.

Your 60-minute ePoster session will be split into four 15-minute presentation slots, giving you the opportunity to present your ePoster to up to four different groups of people. You will be visible to attendees and will be able to share your screen. Attendees will not be visible but they will be able to speak to you. There will also be a link to your ePoster available to attendees, which they can have open during your presentation. Please ensure that you are on the virtual event portal, ready for your ePoster session at least 10 minutes before the session is due to start.

*TOP TIP* Use the Meeting Hub on the virtual event portal to connect with other attendees and invite them to join your ePoster session. You can use the Meeting Hub as soon as you have access to the portal so you can start connecting before the conference! More information about how to use the Meeting Hub will be found in the email sent on Tuesday 13 April.

The step-by-step actions that you should take on the day of your ePoster session are as follows:

1. Access the virtual event portal at least 10 minutes before the ePoster session is scheduled to take place.

2. 10 minutes before your ePoster session is due to begin, locate your allocated ePoster session in the timeline and click the ‘View My Presentation’ button next to the ePoster session.

3. You have now entered your ePoster presentation area. You should see the name of your ePoster at the top of the page, a Q&A panel, a polling panel and list of drop-down boxes on the right-hand side.

4. If you enter your ePoster presentation area before the ePoster session is due to start, there will be a button on the left-hand side which reads ‘Start Practice Presentation’. You can use this to test your camera and test screen sharing before the ePoster session starts. Attendees will not be able to view this.

*TOP TIP* You can use this practice mode as soon as you have access to the virtual event portal so feel free to familiarise yourself with the ePoster presentation area in advance of the conference so that you feel comfortable on the day.

5. Once the ePoster session starts, the ‘Start Practice Presentation’ button will change to a ‘Start Presentation’ button. Please click this button so that the attendees can view your presentation. This will also start a countdown timer for the first 15-minute presentation slot.

6. Before you begin presenting, you will see a drop-down box named ‘Queue’ on the right-hand side. This shows a list of attendees who are waiting to join your presentation. Click on this drop-down box and press the ‘Accept’ button on those who you want to admit. We recommend that you only admit approximately five attendees at a time. You can also use the ‘Accept all’ button if there are less attendees in the queue. They will then move into the ‘Attendee’ drop-down box. On admittance, attendees will not be visible but they will be able to talk.

7. You can now begin your ePoster presentation. Please remember to allocate time for questions. Attendees have two options for submitting questions; they can either ask a question out loud or they can type a question in the Q&A panel.

*TOP TIP* When sharing your screen during your ePoster presentation, it might not be possible for you to see the event portal and therefore, see how long you have left until the end of each of your 15-minute presentations. If you are concerned you may run over time when presenting, you may want to set a timer on another device. This will allow you to keep an eye on the time whilst sharing your screen. Please remember you should allocate time for questions within the 15 minutes.

8. There will be a 10 second countdown before the 15-minute presentation slot ends. After this countdown, the attendees will automatically leave your presentation area. You do NOT need to leave your ePoster presentation area. Instead, you will need to repeat Step 6 and admit the next group of attendees for your second 15-minute  presentation slot.

9. Repeat for your third and fourth 15-minute presentation slot.

10. At the end of your fourth presentation slot, the ePoster session will automatically end. You will now see a message saying ‘Session ended. This presentation has now finished.’ You can return to the timeline and enjoy the next session.

You can find a video showing how the eposter session functionality on the virtual event portal works here. If you have any queries about this video, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the conference team.

Please note that abstracts not presented at Society Meetings will not form part of the final online published proceedings.

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