How ICNMD 2021 are using Learning Toolbox

ICNMD are using Learning Toolbox for the ePosters at their 2021 conference.

Learning Toolbox allows you to create a Stack of material that can be used to present and share your work online and onsite. At the simplest level you can just add a presentation or poster file to your Stack, but the platform allows you to do much more. Learning Toolbox Stacks can also contain additional materials such as videos, weblinks, papers and more.

Your stack/ePoster will be published to ICNMD ePoster Showcase within the virtual conference where delegates can explore, view and interact with them throughout the conference and beyond. Delegates will be able to post comments and questions to your stack/ePoster in a text chat channel, which you can answer and this discussion will be attached to your stack/ePoster.

ICNMD will also be scheduling ePoster sessions as part of the 2021 conference programme. During these sessions you will be asked to be present ‘at’ your ePoster and actively monitor and respond to any chat messages. Further details will be provided nearer the time.