How to use PowerPoint to make a video presentation to add to your stack

Some conferences ask their authors to add a video presentation to their stack. A common way that people make video presentations is to use PowerPoint.

If you want to make a video presentation using PowerPoint then we recommend following the instructions from Microsoft (see links below) to add a narration to your PowerPoint presentation and then save that as a video file.

Please note that Learning Toolbox does not support .PPSX files, so when you save your presentation as a video you should save it as an MP4 file, not as  a PPSX file.

Please also note that you should choose to save your video in 720p (or internet) resolution (not the 1040p default that Powerpoint offers) as this is the most suitable format for videos playing on the web. Following these instructions will reduce the chance of hitting any upload issues due to the file size.

You can then add the video to your Learning Toolbox stack using the File Tile.

Category: FAQ-Video