How the GHGT-17 ePosters will work

GHGT-17 are using Kubify’s Learning Toolbox for the conference ePosters.

Learning Toolbox allows you to create a collection of material (we call it a stack) that can be used to present and share your work during and after the conference. At the simplest level you can just add a presentation or poster file to your ePoster stack, but the platform allows you to do much more. Learning Toolbox stacks can also contain additional materials such as videos, weblinks, papers and more. So you can include whatever material you have that helps people to understand and apply your work.

Delegates will be able to browse, search, view and interact with the ePosters stacks on their own devices (smartphones, tablets or laptops) and at the onsite ePoster screens.

There will be four key ways that delegates can access the ePoster stacks:

  1. through the showcase website
  2. at the summary poster walls
  3. on the onsite ePoster screens
  4. you will be able to share a link direct to your ePoster

All of the ePosters will be published to the ePoster showcase website. The conference team will let all delegates know how to access the showcase website. On the showcase website, delegates can browse, search, open and explore all of the GHGT-17 ePosters.

Learning Toolbox will make a summary poster for each ePoster (you choose the summary text and key image when you make your ePoster stack in Learning Toolbox).

By scanning the QR code on the summary poster delegates will be able to view and interact with your ePoster stack on their own phone.

summary poster – can be used as an advert for and gateway into your ePoster

The conference team will print and display the summary posters onsite . You do not need to print or bring anything yourself.

The summary posters will help to promote your ePosters as well as providing an easy way to access and view them.

There will also be ePoster screens (internet connected screens) onsite from where delegates can browse the ePoster showcase and open and explore your ePosters. These screens will be in standard landscape orientation. These screens will also be used for the ePoster presentations.

Example of an ePoster showcase on an onsite screen

It will be easy to direct people to your ePoster. Each ePoster has its own web link and QR code. You can send people the web link or show them the QR code. If they click on the link or scan the QR code then they will be taken directly to your ePoster. The aim is to make it easy for you to share your ePoster with others wherever you are.

Each ePoster has its own unique sharing information (weblink & QR code)

You will also be able to continue to use your ePoster to present and share your work after the conference. The ePosters will remain hosted and available for at least the year of the conference.

When delegates open your ePoster stack they can click on the tiles to view and interact with all the content you have added. They can also post questions or comments to your ePoster, to which you can respond. This text chat discussion will be attached to your ePoster and can continue after the event. You can opt to get email notifications of new chat on any ePoster including your own. Delegates can also favourite your ePoster so that they can return to it more easily.

An ePoster stack containing 4 tiles
Picture showing what an example of an onsite ePoster screen. They will be in landscape orientation.
ePoster screens will be in landscape orientation

Poster presentation sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday at the ePoster screens. Each author will have a scheduled presentation time. Closer to the conference we will let presenters know which day they are presenting on and at which screen.

The screen will show the ePoster showcase and you will be able to open your ePoster stack and show any of the material that you have included in it.

The ePoster presentations will be short (10 minutes), so aim to present only the key points of your work so that delegates can then discuss the details with you further at the end of the session. Delegates will also be able to explore and post questions on your ePoster throughout the conference, so there will be plenty of opportunity for engagement and discussion.

Before the conference, you will already be able to check your ePoster on your own computer and practice your presentation using the preview button in Learning Toolbox.

You will have plenty of support to use Learning Toolbox before and during the conference. There will be a webinar for authors on 17th June, an email helpdesk ( will be available to answer your ePoster questions in the run-up to the conference and there will be an onsite ePoster helpdesk at the conference if you have any last minute questions.

We will also send important reminders to you by email. Those emails will come from or Please add these addresses to your email contact list to help avoid the emails going to your Spam folder

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