How do I share a stack – face to face

An easy way of sharing an stack with someone is to show them its QR code. They can scan this and view the stack on their own phone.

To do this you just need to view the stack in the web browser or Learning Toolbox app on your phone. Then open the 3 dots menu (1) and choose Share (2).

The screen will then show your stack’s sharing information including its QR code (3). The other person can use their phone to scan the QR code. You can also copy the web link (4) for your stack, so you could choose to copy and send that to them instead. You can also share the link to your stack to Twitter or LinkedIn (5).

Screenshot showing the mobile phone interface with the sharing menu and options

Please make sure that your stack has been published or you have made it public (by changing its access permissions) before you share it.

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