How do I add details to my stack/ePoster’s summary box for the showcase

When your stack/ePoster is published to the showcase then viewers will see its summary information (the summary box) and be able to click on its title to open and explore it.

In the editor you can add extra information (description, image and tags) that will be included in this summary box. Adding more information helps your stack/ePoster stand out in the showcase and also helps your stack/ePoster to be found when people search the showcase.

To add this information to your stack/ePoster open your stack/ePoster in the editor and then:

  1. Click on the Stack Poster Details Tab
  2. Fill in (or check) the information (Stack name, Stack description, Image, Tags) as indicated in the image below
  3. Save your ePoster/stack
The Stack Poster Details Tab

We also recommend that you add your co-authors names to the Authors information. They will not display in the summary box, but this information will be included when viewers search for ePosters and viewers will be able to see your full list of authors when they hover over the Lead Author name in your ePoster’s summary. If you have many authors then we recommend just including surnames so that you do not exceed the character limit on this field which is approx 110.

You do not need to fill in the two boxes at the bottom of the Stack Poster Details tab unless your conference is using mini-posters, as this information would only appear on the printed mini-poster. Mini-posters tend to be used by onsite conferences as they are printed and displayed at the venue.