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General Overview

Learning Toolbox supports an exciting new approach to ePosters (and more generally content sharing) at online, hybrid and onsite conferences and events.

Using Learning Toolbox you will create a Stack/ePoster (a collection of material that could include a presentation, video, weblinks and more) that you can use to present and share your work at the event.

People will be able to easily view and interact with your ePoster by browsing the online ePoster showcase. Your ePosters will be available for people to explore throughout the event and can also be presented in a scheduled session if your event supports this.

ePoster Showcase Website – Browse, Search, Explore & Interact with the ePosters

Viewers can open your ePoster and explore all the rich content you have added. Viewers can also post questions or comments to your ePoster, to which you can respond. This text chat discussion will be attached to your ePoster and can continue after the event. Viewers can also favourite your ePoster so that they can return to it more easily.

Your ePoster will also live beyond the event, as you can continue to share it and (in some cases) even add to it after the event.

Your ePoster can even have a physical presence in the real world. Within Learning Toolbox you can create a mini-poster that acts as an advert for and gateway into your interactive ePoster. People can simply scan the QR code on the mini-poster and your interactive ePoster will open on their phone/tablet.

mini-poster – can be used as an advert for and gateway into your ePoster

Onsite and hybrid conferences will print these mini-posters and use them as a way of promoting the ePosters onsite. You can of course print the mini-poster yourself and use it wherever you want to promote your work and provide access to it.

Many conferences are now using Learning Toolbox to present, share and discuss research. We have seen some great examples of ePosters/stacks created by authors attending these conferences. The 3 minute video below explores some of the great ePosters made by authors using Learning Toolbox.

You can see and interact with these great ePosters (and more) on the Learning Toolbox Showcase. These ePosters are live and still being used by authors to present and share their work. You will see that they vary in terms of what content they include and how they are structured, but they have all made great use of the platform to present their work.

LTB Showcase
Learning Toolbox Showcase

Of course your own ePoster/stack does not need to be as sophisticated as these examples – a simple and effective ePoster/stack may just contain the abstract, a presentation and a link to a website for example. But we hope these examples may give you an idea of what is possible and some ideas of the type of material you could include to give people a richer view of your work.

We would like to thank the authors of these ePosters/stacks for agreeing to their excellent work being showcased here. If you have come across any brilliant Learning Toolbox ePosters that you would like to see added to this showcase then please let us know so that we can contact the author and ask for their permission to add them.

Thousands of ePoster authors are using Learning Toolbox to share and present their work at conferences and events. The ePosters can be as simple as an uploaded PDF file, but can also include more interactive and engaging material, as well as background information.

Below are short videos with 4 of our authors in which they talk about what they chose to include in their ePosters. Thank you very much to Amy, Komal, Nathan and Sytske for making these videos. We hope they inspire and help new authors.

Quick overview of what Amy, Komal, Nathan and Sytkse found useful about using Learning Toolbox

This 5 minute video highlights what Amy, Komal, Nathan and Sytske found most useful about using Learning Toolbox. It helps to show the different ways in which authors and conferences are using Learning Toolbox to help present and share research work effectively.

Amy Creaser’s ePoster for Future Physiology

Amy gives a short introduction to her work (on wearable activity trackers use by children and adolescents) and shows us her ePoster. In the ePoster tour Amy explains what she chose to include in her ePoster and why. The ePoster tour starts at 2:10

Komal Atta’s ePoster for AMEE

Komal gives a short introduction to her work (on the impact of social media on professional identity) and shows us her ePoster. In the ePoster tour Komal explains what she chose to include in the ePoster and why. The ePoster tour starts at 2:20

Nathan Kucko’s ePoster for NASS

Nathan gives a short introduction to his work (on developing a bone graft for spinal fusion surgery) and shows us his ePoster. In the ePoster tour Nathan explains what he chose to include in the ePoster and why. The ePoster tour starts at 2:03

Sytske Lub’s ePoster for AMEE

Sytske gives a short introduction to her work (on science communication when talking about genetics) and shows us her ePoster. In the ePoster tour Sytske explains what she chose to include in the ePoster and why. The ePoster tour starts at 4:06

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Creating an ePoster/Stack

This video gives you a very quick introduction to the Learning Toolbox editor. We recommend that you play this video in full screen.

Press the full-screen icon at the end of the play bar to play in full-screen.

We know that some people prefer to follow a written guide, so we have produced this short guide that takes you through the key steps involved in making a simple ePoster/stack for a conference.

Getting started – Create an LTB stack for a conference v2.0 (updated 23rd May 2020)

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can find answers to more detailed questions on the FAQ page or by pressing the in-line help button (?) in the interface next to the item that you want to know more about.