2. Explore some great ePosters

Many conferences are now using Learning Toolbox ePosters and we have seen some great examples of ePosters created by authors attending these conferences. If you would like to explore some of these then you can look at the ePosters we have added to our Learning Toolbox Showcase. These are live ePosters still being used by authors to present and share their work. You will see that they vary in terms of what content they include and how they structure their ePoster, but we feel that they have all made great use of the platform to present their work.

Of course your own ePoster does not need to be as sophisticated as these examples – a simple and effective ePoster may just contain the abstract, a presentation and a link to a website for example. But we hope these examples may give you an idea of what is possible and some ideas of the type of material you could include to give your viewers a richer view of your work.

We would like to thank the authors of these ePosters for agreeing to their excellent work being showcased here. If you have come across any brilliant Learning Toolbox ePosters that you would like to see added to this showcase then please let us know so that we can contact the author and ask for their permission to add them.