Example Materials to support ePoster engagement

This page contains links to materials we use, when supporting the ePoster onsite or online, to help raise awareness of the ePosters or provide guidance to ePoster presenters or presentation chairs. Please feel free to download, edit and re-use these. 

Engaging with ePosters on the showcase

We have a support page that gives delegates brief advice and hints and tips on how to take full advantage of engaging with the ePosters on the showcase.

The direct link to that page is: https://support.ltb.io/showcase/ but your delegates can also get to it by just clicking on the Help icon under the banner image in your showcase.

Images for tweets or other delegate communication

You may find it useful to have some images highlighting some of the key ways of interacting with the ePosters. These images can then be used in your communication with delegates (possibly as tweets during the conference). This PowerPoint file contains such advice images. If we want to share advice on Twitter we would usually save a slide as a jpg file and then put out a tweet with that image attached.

Presentation guides

If your authors are going to present their ePosters at the conference in scheduled sessions then you may find these guides useful to adapt and share with them. The Guide for Chairs could be printed and displayed as a quick reminder for Chairs and Presenters.

Instruction cards – for the mini-poster wall

If your conference is onsite and you are using the mini-poster wall then you may find these instruction cards useful to adapt and use. We usually print each slide at A5 size and display them on the mini-poster wall. They are in Powerpoint format so that you can edit them to include your own showcase web address and any other changes you want to make.

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