Important instructions from WONCA for authors

WONCA is using the Learning Toolbox platform for the conference ePosters.

You should create an ePoster stack in Learning Toolbox and add your ePoster PDF file to the stack.

Please ensure that your ePoster PDF file includes the main sections—Background, Aim, Methods, Results, and Conclusions

Please ensure that your ePoster PDF file is designed in 9:16 portrait orientation. You can download the official WONCA APR 2024 ePoster here

Including additional resources into your ePoster stack is optional. If you do add extra content to your ePoster stack then viewers will be able to see and interact with all the content you have added when they view your ePoster stack. Viewers will be able to post questions or comments in the chat area of each ePoster stack. 

All ePosters will be displayed on a digital screen during your presentation. The digital screen will be in portrait orientation which is why the ePoster PDF file that you add to your stack should also be in portrait orientation.

There is no need to print and bring a physical poster to the venue. WONCA are not using the printed summary posters in Learning Toolbox, so you do not need to generate and bring those.

Please finalise your ePoster stack by 31 July at the latest.