How do I preview and check my ePoster?

If you want to preview and check your ePoster in a web browser then you can just press the preview button (1) and the ePoster will open in the viewer. What you see here is what your ePoster viewers will see if they are viewing your ePoster in a web browser on a computer or tablet. From here you can click on the tiles (2) and check that it is working as you expected. Once you are finished then just click on the X button (3) to close the viewer and return to the editor.

Screenshot showing how to preivew and check ePoster

What you see in the preview is exactly what the conference organising team sees when they check and publish your ePoster. So the preview allows you to be sure the ePoster is working as you want and you know that the conference team will see exactly the same.

Things you might want to do when previewing your ePoster include:

  • Click on the tiles to check that the content appears as you expect
  • Consider if your tile titles are helpful to the viewer
  • Consider if the arrangement of your tiles helps the viewer to easily find the content they want
  • Consider if your tile background images help to make the ePoster content clear and attractive
  • Consider if you could use different colours for your tile title bars to help the viewer see meaningful groupings in your content

If you then decide that you want to make changes then you can just return to edit your ePoster stack as normal.

Category: FAQ - Viewing and testing an ePoster/Stack