Discuss the ePoster Themes in the ePoster Exploration Room

The ePoster Exploration Room also contains seating areas where you can informally meet with others to discuss the themes addressed by the ePosters. These seating areas each have “A place to discuss…” signpost.

We want to use these areas to bring some of the serendipitous meetings and conversations from face to face conferences into this virtual meeting space. We hope they will provide a way to meet new people with similar interests.

Each table in the ePosters Exploration Room is devoted to one of the ePoster themes. You can come to the table at any time during the conference to meet with others and discuss the theme.

If you are a delegate then just choose the table of the theme that interests you and strike up a conversation with other delegates in that area. You will already know that they have an interest in that theme.

If you are an ePoster author you may want to invite others to join you at a theme table, so you can discuss your work and how it relates to that theme. You could do this by emailing contacts who you know have an interest in the same theme, by adding a chat message to your ePoster inviting others to join you at the theme table at a given time or by finding delegates you know on the Virtual Conference platform and sending them an invite to join you now.

This space is not formally managed – this space is yours – we hope you enjoy the discussions that you start here.