LTB App: Concept

The LTB App that you have downloaded from Google Play or the App Store is a container that can hold different learning applications or stacks, as we call them. Once you got the LTB App installed on your mobile device, you can load stacks directly without having to download any additional apps. The LTB app provides several shared features such as chat, message posting, event management, and several different ways of finding and loading stacks. Users can mark stacks as favourites for quick access and search for public stacks in the Tilestore.

A stack can have one or several screens that are connected through¬†Navigation tiles. There are currently five¬†tile types that differ in what they can do for the user and how users can¬†interact with content and stacks: Content,¬†Navigation,¬†Collection, RSS Feed, and App Link. More tile types to come in the near future. Read¬†The “Getting started…” stack to see how¬†the other¬†tile types work.