Domain settings

These are the general settings of the domain such as its name, domain image, and authorisation settings.

  1. The name of your domain as it appears in the top right corner of the browser window and in the Signed in dropdown.
  2. A short description of the domain.
  3. The image for your domain appears at the top of this setting page and to the right of the Signed in dropdown.
  4. Miscellaneous settings
    • Domain authors can edit every stack – In some cases you might want every author in your domain to be able to edit every stack.
    • Set maximum stacks per domain authors – Sometimes you might want to set a limit to the number of stacks an author can create, for instance to save space.
    • Restrict stack access to domain users – This will set the access rights of all (new AND existing) stacks automatically to be restricted to users who are in the domain. WARNING: enabling this option cannot be reversed.
    • Allow Domain Authors to manage Users and Circles – By default, only domain administrators can add and delete users, create circles, and so on. This setting allows you to give Domain Authors most of the user and circle management rights.
    • Allow Domain Authors to manage Co-Authors of their Stacks – By default, only domain administrators are allowed to add co-authors to a stack. This setting allows stack owners to add co-authors to their stacks.
    • Enable default circle auto deletion – Allows you to set the number of months after which a circle is automatically deleted. See this help page for more information about this feature.
  5. The FAQ slug is a link to the custom support page for your domain if it exists. Currently, this page needs to be located under Adding your own link will not work.