LTB App: Bulletin board and stack chat

Currently there are for in which stack users and owners to communicate: a bulletin board type message broadcasting and a Whatsapp-like chat feature.

Bulletin board

Stack owners can broadcast important announcements to all users of a particular stack with the bulletin board feature in the Stack Editor. When a new message is posted to the bulletin board of a stack, the users will see a blue notification banner (screen 1) when they load that stack or when they tap the home or refresh button. There is also a message notification counter to indicate the number of unread messages (screen 2).

Tap on the message to open it (screen 3). The little letter icon changes from dark filled to white and the counter of ‘Read’ messages is increased by one. If you want to mark the message as ‘not read’ so you can get back to it later, tap on the little letter icon (screen 4).

Stack chat

Every stack has a chat room in which users can have discussions around content, activities, or anything else that is relevant to them. You can access the chat room by tapping on the little chat icon in the top menu bar (screen 1). Currently there is a single discussion thread that is visible to all users (screen 2). The chat icon counter shows the number of chat messages a user has received but not read yet.