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Need a quick guide

AMEE ePoster Prize 2019

For AMEE TEL Symposium Authors

How ePosters allow you to add richer content

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Adding content and resources to my ePoster/stack

Adding an extra screen/layer to my ePoster/stack

Viewing and testing my ePoster/stack

Creating my mini-poster and finalising my ePoster/stack

Presenting my ePoster

Using templates

Following a review and feedback we have removed the templates from Learning Toolbox.  Most authors found it much easier to create an ePoster from an empty stack. However, if you have already created your ePoster using a template and you want to know how to edit it then these videos will help. Please note that we are not using the Voting tile (mentioned in these videos) this year. Instead the ePoster prize is being judged by the AMEE TEL Committee. 

Exploring and sharing published ePosters/stacks

Engaging with ePosters

Here are some short videos from previous years that give delegates an indication of how they can interact with the ePosters at AMEE. Please note that the voting tile is not being used in this year’s ePosters. Instead the AMEE TEL Committee are judging the ePoster prize.