AMEE 2019 Best ePoster Prize

There will be a prize for the best ePoster at AMEE2019 (including TEL2019) this year.  You are encouraged to develop high-quality ePosters.  The links below give you more details about the prize and the judging, but here is a brief summary:
  • All ePosters presented at AMEE2019 or TEL2019 will be eligible for the prize.
  • Judging will be performed by the AMEE Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Committee.
  • In order for judging to be completed by the end of conference, judging will begin on 1 August 2019. You should mark your ePoster as ready by publish by 1 August if you want it to be considered for the prize.
  • Although you may edit your ePoster after that date, edits performed later than 1 August might not be seen by the judges, and so, might not be taken into account.
  • The prize will be a single award of a free registration to the next AMEE conference or £350.

AMEE 2019 ePoster Prize – Author Information

AMEE 2019 ePoster Prize – Judging Criteria