1. Learning Toolbox ePosters – Introduction

Learning Toolbox supports an exciting new approach to ePosters.

You will be able to include links to multimedia and interactive material such as videos, online tools and apps within your ePoster.

Your ePoster will have both a physical and online presence at your event: your mini-poster and your interactive ePoster. You make both of these within Learning Toolbox.

People will be able to easily view and interact with your ePoster on their smartphones, tablets or computers by scanning the QR code on your mini-poster or browsing the online ePoster showcase. Your ePosters will be available for people to explore throughout the event and can also be presented in a scheduled session if your event supports this.

Your ePoster will also live beyond the event, as you can continue to share it and even add to it after the event. You can send out messages to your ePoster viewers within the ePoster and your viewers can post questions or comments to your ePoster, to which you can respond. This discussion will be attached to your ePoster and can continue after the event.