LTB App: Settings

To open the settings dialogue, click on the three dots icon and then select “Settings”.

Some of these settings you will rarely have to change. Make sure you click ‘Save’ after you have made your changes.

  • Data server: This is the URL to the data backend. For now you do not have to change this setting. In the future, if your organisation hosts the LTB Platform on their own servers, this URL would point to the data on that internal server.
  • Start with: This tells the LTB App which stack to show when you tap on the home icon in the top menu bar, or when there is an internal refresh of the app or after the app has been updated from the Google Playstore or the App Store. If you select Last opened stack then it will open whatever stack you had worked with last time you used the LTB App. If you select Preferred stack, you can choose one of the stacks from the dropdown menu to open instead.
  • Preferred language: The language of the user interface. We currently support English, German, Spanish, and Dutch.
  • Switch on/off debugging: In some cases, we might ask a user who encounters an intractable problem with the LTB App to enable debugging so we can diagnose the issue.

After you have made changes to the settings, don’t forget to save.