Stack Editor: Getting around

To create stacks with the Stack Editor, you need to sign in first at  Once you have signed in, a top and bottom menu bar helps you navigate the site.

Here is a brief description of the different menus that you see in the Stack Store & Stack Editor.

  • Home: The front page with a short description of the LTB Platform.
  • Stacks: The main access to the different Stack Stores for the domains that you are a member of. Here you can find the stacks that you own, the stacks that are your favourites, and stacks that you have deleted.
  • Create Stack: To create a new stack.
  • Support: Links to this online guide and other support features.
  • About: The developer & business team and the version number and last release date.
  • Contact: We are always very keen to listen to your questions and suggestions.
  • English / Español / Deutsch / Nederlands: Select your language here. Currently we support English, Spanish, German, and Dutch.